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We start by performing a complete review of our patients' medical records and a careful assessment of their individual fertility status.

IVF Grants

If you do not have insurance or have insurance, but lack coverage for infertility services and are concerned about the cost of an IVF cycle, consider the IVF Grant. Long Island IVF has developed this program with a pharmacy, so that a complete IVF cycle can become more affordable and include the Medications Option if your health plan does not cover your medications.

The IVF Grant is aimed at making IVF affordable for every patient when it is not covered by insurance. We offer an initial consultation at no cost that includes an office visit with the physician. If IVF is determined to be the best course of treatment, and your insurance plan does not cover the pre-IVF procedures, we offer a Patient Assessment Case Rate of $500. After your Patient Assessment, our financial counselor will speak with you to outline the cost of care to you.

What is included in the IVF Grant?

Couples who are eligible for the IVF Grant at Long Island IVF will pay as low as $7,500, depending on your and your partner’s combined income as reported in your prior year tax return, for one fresh IVF cycle. This fee does not include medications and covers only the IVF cycle up to the diagnosis of pregnancy. Pregnancy monitoring is the responsibility of the patient. If you have insurance coverage, we will bill your insurance carrier. If you have no insurance coverage, this will be your financial responsibility.

The IVF Grant includes the following services:

  • Endocrine testing
  • Ultrasound monitoring
  • Cycle monitoring
  • Egg retrieval
  • Embryo transfer
  • Nurse/Social worker visit
  • Embryology procedures as per protocols which may include assisted hatching, co-culture, extended culture, embryo glue
  • Suture, as per protocols
  • Facility fee
  • Cryopreservation of embryos if the Single Embryo Transfer (SET) option is selected.

There are a few procedures that clinically you may require or consider that are not included and must be paid prior to the IVF cycle start:

  • Anesthesia - $575
  • ICSI - $2,000
  • Cryopreservation of embryos and up to six months of storage if SET is not selected - $1,155.

The Donor Egg Program, donor sperm, IVF screening bloods, pregnancy monitoring, treatment for an unsuccessful pregnancy, PGD and TESE/MESA services are not included in the IVF Grant services.

How does the IVF Grant work?

First, make your Patient Assessment appointment with one of our physicians. A clinical evaluation will be provided and a treatment plan will be developed.

In order for Long Island IVF to determine if you are eligible for the IVF Grant, you will need to provide clear copies of the following documentation, which will be used to determine your eligibility and the amount of your IVF Grant:

  • Signed Tax Return(s) for prior year (all pages) and/or W-2(s) for prior year for Patient and Partner
  • Driver’s License for Patient and Partner
  • Insurance Card(s), front and back, for Patient and Partner
  • Credit Card on File form

*Prices subject to change.

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