Dr. David Kreiner

Dr. David Kreiner remembers when IVF was risky business. He started his REI training in 1980 with Zev Rosenwaks, MD a few short years after the world's first IVF baby was born. The idea of making the miracle of IVF available to patients everywhere seemed outlandish in the early 1980s. In 1985, Dr. David Kreiner continued his training in REI where he did his fellowship with the Howard and Georgeanna Jones Institute, the pioneers of IVF in the United States, under the directorship of Zev Rosenwaks, MD.

The Technology of IVF was inefficient then, it was routine to transfer six embryos at a time. Sometimes the result was multiples. Dr. Kreiner's experience with a couple of quadruplet pregnancies early in his fellowship opened his eyes and heart to the additional struggles that faced his patients on their way to the tremendous joy in finally getting pregnant.

Fortunately, today, greater than 60% of retrievals result in a live baby for women under 35. With much increased success, Dr. Kreiner has been able to introduce innovative IVF programs such as the Single Embryo Transfer and Micro IVF programs focused on success with minimal risk.

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